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Groove Attack is a production team, especially formed to bring you a unique and Top Of The Line Dance events-an architecture of audiovisual experience, combining the best music and DJ's, beautiful and extra-ordinary locations, high quality sound design, special decorations and unusual attractions at a High-End level.

Our vision is to create a line of parties with great energy and style, beautiful people, positive vibes, mind blowing sounds and visual like never seen and heard before in our beautiful country Israel - A spectacular atmosphere in the open! A unity and harmony of the best party people in the scene!

Our crew is fresh, very experienced, well connected and highly motivated to bring you the best ever trance productions made in israel at the highest standarts exists in the worldwide parties' scene! Unforgettable and magical moments in dance!! This is our mission and manifesto to all the happy people of trance!!! Parties in another dimention!!!!

In order to help us maintain this vision, concept and vibe, we kindly ask youto keep this website details for you and your close friends only, so we could all share a maximum joyful experience!

Groove Attack - we are here to make a change!
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