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Starting July 2009, we, at Global Warming, decided to dedicate ourselves to promoting electronic music festivals like no one in Israel has done before. We took an oath, a solid obligation, to never compromise. to host only the most free spirited, beautiful and peaceful people, to always travel the holy lands seeking for breath-taking nature spots to take them to, to Call upon the best DJs from Israel and around the globe, and to set the perfect stage for unforgettable moments of pure enlightenment.

Come sunrise, so we wish, our festivals will roar like a mighty lion. Bursting human energy will help the sun in lighting the skies, we all will be as giant one.
Our path is a path of love- love to people, love to music, love to that powerful dance of freedom under open skies. Help us walk that path- we are you and you are us, we are all- Global Warming!

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